Artwork > Dream Home: LA, 2015

TBD (Dance Studio)
11" x 14"
TBD (Judy Chicago)
16" x 13"
TBD (Interior)
10" x 16"
TBD ( Beach House)
8" x 13"
TBD (Clawfoot)
8" x 11"
digital photograph

This series of DreamHome photographs come out of the performance event, "Pirate Jenny's Dreamhome at homeLA/ J.B. Merrill House in 2015.

The Dreamhome photographs come out of series of public events facilitated by the artist Kate Hoffman.  Those working with the artist on making their own dream home are first asked to consider where their dream comes from.  For example, one approach to the creation of the home is to think of life as a series of choices – perhaps the home will be from a path not taken, a life not lived: a different career, location or lifestyle. Another way to begin is from a place of a future fantasy. In this version the home may function as projection of themselves – who they truly are in life, what they will eventually become – something that allows them to deal with the present while moving forward from one step to the next. 

Throughout the workshop, Kate fluctuates between the familiar roles of an art assistant, teacher, as well as a co-artist and dreamer. Before the participant leaves, she asks for an exchange; the permission to photograph their model before they take their Dreamhome home. In the resulting photographs, Kate seeks to transform the participants’ model home into a version of a human scaled space.

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