Artwork > Sucking and Biting, 2014

Surface Tensions
Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms
Long Beach, CA, 2014
hosted by Craftwoman House / Cindy Rehm Residency

"Surface Tensions" was an evening of performance with works by Brian Getnick, Kate Hoffman, Liz Nurenberg, Molly Shea, and Jemima Wyman. The event featured works that addressed gender through body and process-based performances that explore tactile and sensory experience, skins, and surfaces, narratives expressed through materials, and the intersection of fashion and performance. Curated by artist Cindy Rehm.

Kate Hoffman revisited a version of her "Sucking and Biting" piece, in which the cast interior of the artist's mouth was used to create hard candy lollipops.