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Members of the Search Committee
Members of the Search Committee

Make it Work was concluded with a performance titled, Members of the Search Committee. This artwork was enacted by first printing out all of the artist’s final application materials that had been submitted over the past year; in an effort to find employment as a professor of art in the higher-education job market. Having never been printed out in hardcopy before, this performance sought to make something tangible out of what is intangible; the amount of time and energy that it takes to craft what would become (for example) a gorgeous cover letter. These documents were then each dipped into melted beeswax using various methods of dipping and drying. Through this process every sheet of paper became its own sculptural object; each with a unique tactility, aroma, weight and level of transparency.

Members of the Search Committee is featured on the cover of PhaenEx, an academic journal of existential and phenomenological theory and culture, with an accompanying text by the editors Ada S. Jaarsma and Alexis Shotwell.

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