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Mustache Station and the Original Plumbing #2 Release Party
Mustache Station and the Original Plumbing #2 Release Party

Mustache Station
Collaborative performance with Jenn Kolmel and Kate Hoffman

The Mustache Station is the nexus from which the artist's Kolmel and Hoffman travel the country. Their mission comes from a higher order to connect the masses. Acting as guides, they lead the people to cut and exchange their own hair. The initiated then fashion exotic facial hair adornments and in groups of two or more the exchange takes place by attaching one owns hair to the face of the other.

The event:

Original Plumbing #2 Release Party
Hosted by Darin Klein & Friends
February 5, 2010
Los Angeles

Darin Klein & Friends celebrated the release of the 2nd issue of San Francisco's trans male quarterly, Original Plumbing with an event in Los Angeles. The event featured an exhibition of Amos Mac's photographs, the Mustache Station, as well as a screening of short films by local artists including Zackary Drucker, Deanna Erdmann & Darin Klein, Rhys Ernst, Mariah Garnett and Austin Young exploring gender and queer issues, identities, aesthetics and possibilities.